Baby Feet Casting Kit: Make 4 Feet Casts

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"There’s really nothing quite so sweet, as tiny little baby feet"

  • Perfect for: Babies 0-12 months
  • Quick: Takes 60-120 seconds to cast
  • Makes: Up to 4 little feet casts
  • Easy to Use: Includes a 12 page full colour instructions booklet with illustrations and photos

Hold on to those tiny toes forever with this luxury 10 item casting gift kit. Our skin-safe non-toxic moulding jelly and speedy setting time make this a great choice for new parents and their little miracles!

What's in the kit

  • Illustrated Step by Step Instructions Booklet*
  • The Edinburgh Casting Studio's Special Recipe Moulding Alginate
  • High Strength Stone Casting Powder
  • Casting Containers (Reusable)
  • Wooden Cleaning Tool
  • Latex-Free Protective Gloves
  • Sealing Mix
  • Paintbrush

What's else you'll need

  • Electric Hand Mixer
  • Bowls/Measuring Jugs
  • Baby Oil
  • Recommended: Thermometer

'A Recipe Like No Other'

  • Create perfect little 3D feet sculptures and hold onto this precious time forever
  • The kit includes The Edinburgh Casting Studio's tried and tested ingredients plus our own very special casting recipe
  • Captures great skin detail!
  • Step by step guide helps to make it a simple and enjoyable process
  • Non-toxic and skin-safe materials

You will receive a free downloadable gift printout for that last-minute gift

*Guidebook and all other printed materials available in English only.


Reviews (1)

Jenny Sinclair 27th Nov 2016

Very happy

The kit (I used the baby feet casting kit) is very easy to use, and I am very happy with the finished result. I would say it's a 2 person job tho, especially when working with a baby, as have to work quickly. Definitely recommending to friends! Thanks a lot Edinburgh Casting Studio for giving me a gorgeous keep sake. [Submitted 28th Oct 2016 via Facebook]

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