6 Body Casting Gifts to Surprise & Delight

How to find a gift that’s truly unique? It’s the biggest challenge of the Christmas season! Closely followed by the conundrum of what to buy the person who has everything. If you’re stumped in both instances, could a home casting kit come to the rescue? 

Our DIY home casting kits make thoughtful, original gifts. What’s more, over the holiday period, they provide entertainment away from TV screens. Rather than slumping in front of the telly watching festive re-runs, couples and families can enjoy a creative activity together, and enjoy the drama of the 'big reveal' of the finished piece.

Home casting kits from The Edinburgh Casting Studio are a brilliant way to make magical memories last forever! It’s fun to create a hand cast or baby feet cast and you can see the finished result in under an hour. Our castings capture every detail of hands and feet, freezing a moment in time to be enjoyed forever!

The Edinburgh Casting Studio's DIY home casting kits make great gifts for all the family, including…

For Parents & Grandparents

Family Casting Kit, £70: Perfect for families of 3 or 4, the family casting kit is an amazing way to create a family heirloom. It’s great fun for the kids and parents are amazed how quick the casting process is!

Family Star Casting Kit, £99: This kit creates a beautiful star from the hands of up to 8 members of your family. What a fab way to bring everyone together for a fun activity over the Christmas holiday.

Little Hand Hold Kit, £45: This is the ideal gift for any parent who would love to hold onto their little one’s tiny hand forever! Mum or dad’s hand is cast, holding their toddler’s little hand in theirs.

For New Parents

Baby Feet Casting Kit, £50: If 2018 brought the pitter of patter of tiny feet into the world of someone you know, then this gift will be very special. Suitable for casting feet of babies 0-12 months.

For Him/For Her

Couple Casting Kit, £50:Celebrate the love you share with another with a couple hand casting. Choose a hand hold that reflects your relationship - maybe a classic clasp, or a fun ‘pinky promise’!

For Pet Lovers

Hand & Paw Casting Kit , £45: Know someone whose furry friend is their BFF? They will love this kit, which casts an adult hand holding onto a pet cat or dog’s paw. This is for short/medium coats only, and is not suitable for dogs with long or wiry coats.

The Gift of Love, Friendship and Family

Our hand casting kits are the perfect way to celebrate the joy of love, friendship and family. They capture the minute detail of hands and jewellery - but, more than that, they embody an emotion. A moment in time - and the feeling of that hand-hold - can last forever. Our customers tell us that their hand casts mean so much to them - a beautiful reminder of happy memories!

We hope you're inspired to give a casting experience this Christmas. You can find all our home casting kits  here. Feel free to contact us with any home casting questions, we'd be happy to help!

Happy Casting!