Dog Paw Casting: Behind the Scenes

Summer is here, the days are at their longest and it's the perfect time to go exploring the countryside with the family. To celebrate this beautiful time of year, we made a behind the scenes body casting video for someone very special.

You can watch their story below

Tweed, the star of our casting video, is a four year old Labrador. Moulding her paws only took 30 seconds for each paw, and along with plenty of treats and fuss, she had a wonderful time! We then took the castings back to our studio for the fine work, the pewter finish and mounting in a bespoke frame.

If you're just passing through Edinburgh, Scotland this summer, the good news is that we offer worldwide delivery on our castings! From Brighton to Brisbane, we've shipped our sculptures everywhere.

Our Hand and Paw Casting Kits are available here.