Ed & Beau: A Beautiful Paw Casting Story

Ed & Beau's story has two chapters. The happy one, where abandoned dog Beau finds her human soulmate, and they celebrate their sweet friendship with a Hand & Paw Casting. Then, the heart-wrenching one, where they are parted by Beau's sad passing. The story's finale is bittersweet - loss is followed by an act of true kindness, as Ed's friends club together to get him a beautiful gift that will make sure Beau is never forgotten.

Tissues at the ready for this beautiful story...

Ed & Beau's Paw Casting Story: Part 1

Ed & Beau's Paw Casting Story: Part 2

Celebrating our furry friends

Dog lovers know that the bond between man (or woman) and canine can be very strong. With our best friends, furry or otherwise, we have emotional ups and downs; but, at the heart of it all, there is mutual respect, kindness, and love.

Just as our Couple Casting Kits celebrate human partnerships (between couples, friends, or family members), our Hand & Paw Casting Kits are an amazing way to give thanks for our four-legged friends... and to create a lasting keepsake of a pet who simply made our life better!

Inspired to try a pet casting? See our Hand & Paw Casting Kit here.

Please note: Our Hand & Paw Casting Kit is not suitable for dogs with long coats or wiry coats