How to Add Colour to Baby Feet Casts

How to add colour to baby feet casts

Using our baby feet casting kits, every wrinkle and fold of baby's podgy feet are recorded faithfully, so that parents can hold onto precious memories forever. Some of our customers love their baby feet casts just the way they are. Others treat the white plaster as a blank canvas, and can't resist adding a pop of colour!

Cute candy coloured baby feet

Painting baby feet casts is really simple. All you need is fluid acrylic paint in your chosen colour, a good paintbrush, and a pair a beautiful baby feet casts. It's really important to use fluid acrylic paint, as it's a dense liquid, rather than a creamy consistency. This means it doesn't blot out the tiny details that make your casts unique and personal. Make sure your paintbrush is clean and doesn't have loose bristles, as you don't want debris stuck to your casts.

We recommend Golden fluid acrylic paints, which come in a range of colours, including metallics. These paints flow smoothly and evenly from your brush, and are ideal for creating uniform brushstrokes. However, for this project, we've used Pebeo matt acrylic paint, which comes in cute pastel shades. We chose light yellow, water green, and pink rose. The blue paint we used was Crafter's Choice blue mist, which has a slightly pearlescent finish.

Painting baby feet castsOnce you've assembled your materials, it's time to get painting. Make sure that you apply the paint evenly and get into every crevice. Don't allow paint to build up between the toes. 

It's easiest if you hold onto the ankle and paint the foot section first. Once this area is touch dry (10-15 minutes), you can pick the cast up by the foot and paint the ankle. This way you don't leave marks where your fingers have been holding onto the cast.

Painted baby feet casts look absolutely gorgeous as decorative pieces, on a bookshelf or occasional table. But you might also want to frame them in a coordinating box frame. Here is our blog post with great tips on how to do this. Our baby feet casting kits include enough materials to make four feet casts - so you could do both!

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