How to Create a Star-Shaped Family Hand Casting

Wish upon your very own Family Star this Christmas! Have fun making a star-shaped hand casting with the hands of your family - and use the finished sculpture as an amazing feature in your Christmas decor!

Our  Family Star hand casting kit gives you everything you need to make a star-shaped hand casting from the hands of 5-8 family members, from aged 4 and up. It's a little different to our other hand casting kits, as it the mould is made on a table top, rather than inside a bucket. So, tip number one is that you need to recruit a helper to mix the alginate for you and help keep the mould steady when you wriggle your hands free.

How to Make a Family Star Hand Cast

How to Make a Family Star Hand CastThere's a booklet in the kit that takes you step-by-step through the casting process, along with a free video tutorial. Once you've watched the video, you'll feel confident to get casting! Here's a potted version of the 8-step process:

1. Get in shape

Arrange your family's hands in a star shape, with fingertips meeting in the middle

2. Make a special jelly

Ask your helper to mix the alginate powder in the kit with water to make moulding jelly.

3. Go under cover

Pour the moulding jelly evenly over hands, covering them completely, including the wrists. 

4. See the magic happen

As it sets and becomes rubbery to the touch, the colour of the jelly turns from pink to white. 

5. Bandage it up

Strengthen the cast by layering strips of plaster of paris bandage (provided in our kit) over the alginate.

6. Get wiggling

When the alginate is set, wiggle your fingers and gently slip your hands, one by one, out of the mould.

7. Flip 'n' fill

Flip the mould and fill cavities with a mixture made from stone powder (in the kit) and water.

8. The big reveal

Leave the stone to set for 30 minutes, then enjoy peeling away the alginate in chunks to reveal the cast.

Simple, safe and stunning

The Family Star hand cast is a real showstopper! Every perfect detail is as unique as your family; it’s as if you pressed ‘pause’ on a moment in your family’s story… and made it last a lifetime!

Watch our video here to see what a brilliant Christmas activity this could be with your family... better than flopping on the sofa with a tin of chocs and the same old holiday re-runs!

Feeling inspired to give family hand casting a go? Grab one of our stunning family casting kits here, and get casting! If you need any help or hand casting advice, please get in touch!