How to Frame Baby Feet Casts

Babies' twinkle toes are yummy things, which is why our baby feet casting kit is such a hit! What parent wouldn't want to stop those little feet in their tracks and keep them tiny forever? Some of our customers keep their baby feet casts as an ornament. Others ask us how they can transform them into wall art. The great thing is that our baby feet casting kits provide enough materials for four feet casts, so it's possible to do both!

For anyone that likes the idea of framing casts and hanging them on the wall, we've filmed a tutorial with our expert tips on framing baby feet casts. It's only two minutes long and will equip you with everything you need to know!

Framing Baby Feet Casts

If you know before you create your baby feet casts that you'd like to display them in a frame, you can cast with that in mind. As you don't want a long ankle, our top tip is to put less alginate in the tubs when making the mould. Alternatively, you can create a deep mould, but pour less stone mixture into the cavity.

Get ready! 

Materials Needed to Frame Baby Feet

Assemble the items you need to frame your baby feet. 

  1. Pair of baby feet casts
  2. Box picture frame
  3. Sand paper or cheese grater
  4. Strong glue

This DIY craft project is incredibly easy. All you have to do is:

  • Sand down the ankles of your baby feet casts to the right height to fit inside your box frame. 
  • Use sandpaper or a cheese grater to do this (the grater is quicker by far!)
  • Leave a slightly rough surface, which helps the glue fix the cast to the back of the frame. 
  • Use the glue as instructed on the label - you may have to hold each foot in place for 30 seconds.
  • Make sure you position the casts where you want them before securing them in place.
  • You may want to add an inscription underneath with baby's name and date of birth.

That really is it! It's definitely not worth paying a professional framer to frame your baby feet casts, when you can do it yourself quickly and simply!

How to Frame Baby Feet

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