How to Make a Hand Cast Bird Feeder

One of the joys of Spring is seeing and hearing pretty little birds in our gardens. Their tuneful chirrups and the rustling of leaves as they hop daintily from one branch to another are a treat for the senses. If you want to attract more feathered friends to your back yard, this creative casting is for you. With our DIY hand cast bird feeder, you will have the neighbourhood's birds eating out of your hands!

Hand Cast Bird Feeder: See How It's Made

To make a hand cast bird feeder, you need The Edinburgh Casting Studio Couple Casting Kit, liquid marine wax (for waterproofing), and garden twine to hang the feeder on a tree branch or bracket! 

Watch our video to see this hand casting in action. Pay special attention to the hand hold you need to copy, with wrists close together, and thumbs and first fingers pinched. It's best to practise this before casting, plunging your hands into the empty bucket, to check they fit comfortably without touching its sides or bottom. If you have large hands, our Family Casting Kit has a roomier bucket.

Why Feed The Birds?

Feeding birds is a great way to welcome some of Britain's most amazing wildlife into your own garden. When you see them up close, birds like great tits, robins and finches boast fantastic colours and quirky behaviours!

Lack of food, along with other factors, may have contributed to the decline in numbers of many of our 'common' garden birds. So, laying on a buffet of nutritious, bird-friendly nibbles in your garden can only help. 

Creative Hand Casting Expertise

Have you got an idea for a creative hand casting? If you want advice or tips from the casting experts in our Studio, please get in touch. They would be happy to help!

Get your kits here. Happy Casting!