How to Make a Hand Cast Flower Holder

Can wait for Spring to arrive? How about popping a few stems of artificial blooms in a hand cast flower holder made using our Couple Casting Kit? Hooray for instant cheer!

This creative casting is one of our favourites! It's easy to do and can be adapted to the season to bring a personal touch to home decor all year round. When Spring fades, use your Couple Hand Casting to hold a cluster of Summer meadow flowers. As Winter sets in, replace these with a spray of Eucalyptus and berries.

So how is this brilliant hand casted flower holder made?

It's actually quite simple! All you have to do is buy a Couple Hand Casting Kit and follow the detailed instructions inside, which are written by professional casters, and tell you everything you need to know to get a brilliant result!

The only aspect of your casting that is not covered off in your booklet is how to create the space between your hands, which will hold your flower posy. To do this, use a piece of foam or rolled-up bubble wrap as a placeholder when you are casting. Insert this between your clasped hands to create room for your blooms! You must leave the foam or bubble wrap in the mould when you remove your hands.

To see this amazing casting in action, watch our video:

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