How to Make a Hand Cast Jewellery Holder

How to make a hand cast jewellery holderDo you remember those hand-shaped jewellery holders made from black resin? Sometimes you see them in charity shops with an assortment of beaded necklaces draped over slender fingers. Well, it turns out that they are back in style, in a retro, bohemian kind of way. We thought we'd have a go at making one, using our couple casting kit to cast not only a hand but a good bit of wrist and arm too.

Who better to try this out than the teenage daughter of one of our studio team? She's a fan of that vintage look and has lovely slim hands and wrists, perfect for modelling an elegant, hand cast jewellery holder. 

Here's a video of how she got on. We think her cast turned out brilliantly, don't you?

6 Top Tips for Making a Hand Cast Jewellery Holder

  1. Assemble the kit materials and equipment needed (as listed in our casting kit booklet). For this casting, you will also need a tall, thin container that will allow you to get plenty of arm inside.
  2. Follow the instructions in our couple casting kit. The only change is that you mix the alginate inside the bucket provided, then quickly scrape it into your taller container to create the mould.
  3. When peeling away the alginate, work slowly, removing small pieces at a time. Take extra care around the fingers to avoid snapping them off.
  4. Allow your cast to dry for at least a week before painting.
  5. Apply a liquid acrylic paint, which has a light consistency and will not cover up the lovely detail of your cast. We recommend Golden fluid acrylic paints.
  6. Leave the paint to dry overnight before spraying with a lacquer to give the hand cast a gloss finish. We used Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Gloss Lacquer. This stuff's pretty potent, so please spray in a well ventilated room. 

Can we help with casting advice?

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