Losing my Breasts: Coming to Terms

Sometimes the most wonderful people are given the greatest challenges to face on their journey through life. It is these people who come to us for a casting, showing the most amazing strength of spirit despite their circumstances

Recently we received an urgent call for a casting which, had it happened any later, simply wouldn't have been possible. Last week, we had the honour of making a torso casting for Julia*, a woman who is shortly losing both of her breasts to a double mastectomy.


Casting is more than simply leaving a physical impression behind. Once technical process of mould making is complete and our castee leaves, something symbolic and meaningful, if a little abstract, is left in their place. Our torso casting this week captured this perfectly: a joyful, heartwarming yet bittersweet experience. Not for the first time, we were both left quite emotionally moved.

Body casting is a physically demanding job which often ends in late nights and long weeks- but it's the people who visit us (and their unique experiences and perspectives) who really make casting a joy. Who better to explain the breast casting than Julia herself, who kindly took the time to write a few words about the experience.[/ezcol_2fifth]

I can not tell you enough how this will help me come to terms with losing my breasts.

"I just want to say thank you for making my journey, of having a double mastectomy, so much easier. I will share my pictures and tell the story of my visit to others, in the hope that this may inspire and help them, as it has me. If anyone out there was thinking about having a casting, then do it.

It was well worth the 7 hour round trip to visit 'The Edinburgh Casting Studio'. I can honestly say, I have never met two more professional, caring, lovely and genuine people. Not only did you make both my partner and myself feel very welcome, but the ethos you have and the experience you gave me, will leave me with such lovely memories of a special day.

Not only will I be able to look at the finished casting with pride of being a woman, but every time I look at it; it will remind me what what a lovely day we had getting the cast made. I can not tell you enough how this will help me come to terms with losing my breasts.

On the way home from the casting, I received yet another call from the hospital saying I needed another biopsy, I can not help feel that the timing of the casting was perfect as I feel that I have preserved my body, the way I want to remember it. Thank you both so very much. We have been so impressed with you both, the service and the personal touch; that we would like to book another session when we come up to collect this one.

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*Names have been changed