Mother's Day Gift Idea: Hand Cast Succulent Planter

Mother's Day Hand Cast Succulent Planter

High-street or handmade, which makes the best gift? 

On Mother's Day, it's a thorny issue... on one hand, it's wonderful when your kids pour time and effort into making something! On the other, mums deserve to unwrap a gift that they will truly love, not ONLY because it was made by their youngster! 

For the best of both worlds, our home casting kits for babies and families are personal gifts for mums at every stage of the parenting journey. They give you everything you need to create a beautiful keepsake, and you don't have to be 'arty' to get amazing results!

If you want to, you can also use our kits creatively. We put our heads together at the studio and came up with a fantastic Mother's Day gift idea that's bang on trend and utterly sweet! Supervised kids, aged ten and up, would be able to do this easily.

Make this adorable hand cast succulent planter

When we set out to make a succulent planter using our Couple Casting Kit, we had no idea whether it would work. As with all our creative castings, we try it first, so you don't have to! We're happy to say that this project worked like a dream! It's so easy to make a gorgeous mini garden... and no crafty or green-fingered skill is required.

See this creative casting in action

To make a hand cast succulent planter, follow the instructions in the booklet that comes with your Couple Casting Kit. The only difference is that you are casting this with both your own hands, rather than holding hands with someone else. You will need to cup your hands as you plunge them into the moulding jelly. To get this right, practise your hand pose before you begin casting. Hold your wrists together and slightly overlap little fingers, making a shallow dish-shape with your hands.

Once you have completed your casting, leave your cast in a dry, airy space, ideally for a week. Then, it's ready to be transformed! Add a layer of small stones for drainage, topped with a layer of potting compost. Add your selection of succulents, choosing plants with varied colours and textures. When you are happy with your arrangement of plants, add a little texture by squeezing moss into any spaces. 

That's it! This creative casting couldn't be more simple and the end result is so striking. It makes a wonderful, personal home or garden accessory. Mum will LOVE it!

More Mother's Day craft ideas 

For younger crafters, we have a couple of Mother's Day gift ideas, which have been tried and tested by the littlest members of The Edinburgh Casting Studio's team (our kids!).

Finger Painted heart Tree

Finger-paint a heart-shaped tree

Young kids will love this simple art project:

  • Paint a tree trunk, leaving space at the top of the page for the leafy part of the tree
  • Cut out a heart shape in another piece of paper to use as a stencil
  • Lay this on top of the painting of the tree trunk and fill the heart shape with finger-painted leaves
  • Frame your masterpiece and give it to mum for Mother's Day!

Gu Jar Mother's Day Craft

Recycle a 'Gu' jar to make a candle holder

Ever wondered what to do with the jar left over from a yummy Gu dessert? Here's a great idea!

  • Take a length of ribbon and use craft glue to stick it around the middle of the jar
  • Wrap coloured twine around the lip of the jar and secure it with craft glue
  • Pop in a lovely scented candle and your cute candle holder is complete!

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