Real Wedding Hand Casting!

Every bride and groom wants their wedding day to be enjoyed by all who attend. Whether it's an intimate occasion, or a grand scale event, they want it to be fondly remembered by their guests as unique and magical!

If you don't fancy your chances of mastering a Dirty Dancing style 'first dance', a wedding day hand casting might be just the ticket. Introducing a couple hand casting to the ceremony or reception is a brilliant way to create crowd-pleasing theatre, celebrate the exchanging of rings, and capture the moment you said "I do".

Bride and groom Rachel and Robert did just that! When a close friend gifted them a Couple Casting Kit, they decided to make a live hand casting a focal point of their big day. At their beautiful Summer wedding, friends and family gathered round to see them make a mould of their hands held together, complete with new wedding rings!

Friends rallied to mix and pour stone into the mould, rolling the bucket to get the mixture into every tiny cavity. Thirty minutes and a glass of champagne later, it was time for the big reveal. The alginate mould was peeled away, bit by bit, to reveal a stunning cast of Rachel and Robert's hands. It was a perfect replica of their hands, down to the creases in their skin, the shaping of their nails, and the fine detail of their rings. 

Held up for everyone to see, the amazing sculpture was met with thunderous applause! The mother of the bride and the father of the groom were both moved to tears! 

In the years to come, Rachel and Robert will have their hand cast as a lasting memory of their wedding day. As for those who came along, we're sure that the wedding casting will stand out in their minds for adding fun and drama to a wonderful wedding.

See Rachel & Robert's wedding day hand casting in action:

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