Slime That Clones: Taking the Biscuit With Alginate Moulding Jelly

Cloning with alginate jellyAll our home casting kits come with a magical cloning ingredient - alginate! 

Fun with slime!

This natural, seaweed-based powder turns into a gloopy pink slime when you add water. Mix in a minute, then plunge in your hands or feet, and watch as the magic happens! Within a few minutes, the jelly turns whitish grey and rubbery, clinging to the fine lines of your skin and the detail of your fingernails and jewellery. 

Set in stone

All that's left to do is to pour in our stone mixture and wait for it to set. When you peel away the alginate mould, a beautiful, lifelike sculpture is revealed!

Experimental casting

But what happens when you go off piste with alginate jelly? It's hard to resist having fantastic fun with this amazing pink slime! Its awesome cloning power can be used to clone just about anything. 

Giving into temptation, we couldn't resist finding out if we could double our stash of teatime treats... And we can now confirm that you CAN cast custard creams, bourbons and even jammie dodgers... creating perfect (but sadly inedible) clones!

We added coloured pigments to the stone mixture to create these pastel-coloured hand casted cookies.. don't they look cute?

Watch more amazing cloning experiments with alginate jelly in this video:

5 Little Known Ways to Use Our Satisfying Slime

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