The Edinburgh Casting Studio: A Year in Reviews

Hands down the best experience we have at The Edinburgh Casting Studio is finding out that a customer is tickled pink with their home casting kit. When you've poured passion into a product as we have, there's nothing better than hearing that they have fallen head over heels with it. They love what we do, and that is just dandy!

At this time of year, we get a warm glow in our hearts reflecting on some of the amazing reviews we've received over the past twelve months. This year has been special, as our Couple Casting Kit and Family Casting Kit have been shipping to the USA since the Summer. We've been blown away by the amazing reception they have received. It's awesome to have so many happy customers across the pond already!

With a blush of pride, we'd like to share some kind words from our casting kit customers all over the world.

What they said...

The Edinburgh Casting Studio Customer Kit Results

“We got the family kit as a wedding present last year and just got round to doing the casting tonight. I am absolutely over the moon with the results, our cast turned out brilliantly! The kids loved it and we all got involved! Highly recommended!” Mairi

“I've waited a LONG time for you to ship to the USA, and the second I heard you started US shipping, I purchased in a heartbeat! Absolutely 100% satisfied! I am recommending this to everyone I know, every chance I get. So glad I made the purchase!" Lisa

“The Edinburgh Casting Studio has been fabulous start to finish! I bought the Couple Hand Cast Kit with refill to make two casts; one for my mum, and the other for my grandparents. Both casts turned out beautifully, the kit is easy to use and straightforward.” Saira

“I did two of these kits and I am so happy with the results. They are so easy to do with step-by-step instructions. Something special to cherish forever.” Donna

“I am very pleased with our first family casting. Can’t believe how much detail there is. It was so much fun to do. Instructions are easy to follow. Amazing product. Thank you.” Chloe

“A thousand times YES! I now have a priceless keepsake of my parents hands that I will cherish for life.” Blanca

“Just fantastic. Memory for life, I loved the result.” Joana

“Used cheaper product previously to make our hand cast, but they didn’t work. I decided to try The Edinburgh Casting Studio at home kit and the end result is just perfect. Would definitely recommend.” Lynne

“Absolutely brilliant, results are astounding. So easy to do for top quality result, would recommend to everyone xx” Kelly

“I bought the Pet Casting Kit and honestly couldn't be happier with the turn out! I'm so in love, the casting was so easy to do I want to do it over and over again! Fair to say, I will definitely recommend this product and buy again!” Ashleigh

“We did a couples kit for our 25th anniversary and was surprised at how easy and well it turned out. Would recommend anyone to do this as a keepsake. X” Jill

“On Christmas day last year, we spent the afternoon as a family doing the Family Star Casting Kit I bought my mum & dad as a gift. My dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer last May and passed away this March. This is our most treasured possession.” Nicola

“ASTONISHED!! Wow, lost for words. I knew my Family Casting Kit was going to look good as I’ve watched all the videos, but to be honest we wasn’t expecting it to look this good x Love It!!x Thank you xx” Vik

“We have just done two casts. My husband and I for our wedding anniversary, plus my mum and dad. My dad is ill so this is an extra special keepsake for my mum. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product available.” PJ

“Myself and husband treated ourselves to this for Christmas and it came out brilliant. Would highly recommend x” Hayley

“Everyone should do this! Easy to follow instructions, quick setting, beautiful results. Will be handed down for generations to come. Priceless!” Gill

“The kit was so much fun doing it and the outcome was just amazing. Great memories! Thank you, The Edinburgh Casting Studio.” Ana

“This was so much fun and we did it on our 15 wedding anniversary so that we have a great fun memory for life. I love the detail in my ring. Thank you for a great product.” Nancy

“We did this cast in hospital, as my dad has been diagnosed with cancer. My mum and dad didn't know what to expect, but when they saw the final piece my mum very carefully wrapped it in her cardigan and held it all the way home. They really loved it. Thank you so much for creating a lasting memory of their love.” Jamie Lee

To our customers, a big THANK YOU

We are overjoyed to hear these great recommendations for our home casting kits. Thank you to all our customers this year who have taken time to share their thoughts about our kits and customer service. We've also enjoyed seeing your photos and videos of your casting experience, and finding out what your casting means to you. 

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We find that customers often use our casting kits at times of celebration; to give thanks for amazing family, friends and relationships; or when comfort is needed during life's more testing times. If there's a special story behind your casting, it would be lovely to hear from you. Email us at and we will get back to you.

Happy Casting!