USA Couple Hand Casting Story: Adam & Lacey

We started shipping our hand casting kits to the USA last summer, and one of the first to use our kits across the pond was Lacey in Boston. She and her husband Adam received the couple hand casting kit as an anniversary gift, and we were chuffed to bits when they sent us a video of their casting experience! It gave us a massive thrill to see our hand casting kits being used thousands of miles away!

Perfect project for fun-loving couples

The couple had a ball doing their hand casting and were amazed by the result! When we saw their film, we took the opportunity to get in touch and find out more about what their hand casting means to them.

We found out that Lacey met Adam four and a half years ago when they were both on the staff at a summer arts camp. The pair share the same adventure-seeking natures, and both love to be creative. They were a perfect match for each other - and hand casting is just the kind of quirky project they enjoy doing together!

"We help each other have fun, and not to take life too seriously!" Lacey says.

About the couple hand casting experience…

"Hand casting seemed like a unique way to create an artistic memory together," Lacey says, "It was great fun! We loved creating the mixture and feeling the different textures of the materials. We were really pleased and surprised at how quick and easy the process was.

"The finished product is incredible! The details of our hands is astounding and quite beautiful!"

A beautiful memory to see and enjoy every day

Lacey told us that she now displays her couple hand casting in her living room, next to a photo of her and Adam, taken when they first met. "It's a nice set of memories to see daily!" she says.

Aaaah! Thanks for sharing your hand casting story Lacey, we're really thankful of your kind words! 

If you'd like to share your casting story with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please  get in touch with us and include photos or video of your casting experience. We LOVE to see your results and hear about what your casting means to you!

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Happy Casting!