Body Casting: January Blues

Every month we will be designing a new casting, to creatively represent the activities and events of the season. In this way, we can explore the expressive style of sculpture that bodycasting is, and reveal its true nature as an art form.

Watch our short video below to see the process of our bodycasting!

This look of gentle sadness may be one we have seen a lot this month, with the shock of returning to work after a break, and the season of colds and flu continues. There is also an essence of exhaustion conveyed in the body language of the subject, in the way the hands cradle the head, which leans downward with a slight frown.

The position of this bodycasting is particularly complex to work with, as the arms must be strong enough to balance the face. However, with extra time and skill spent focussed on a balanced triangular formation, the sculpture came out perfectly and now both sits freely and is also able to hang in our gallery.

 Boby Casting Detail Face   Body Casting Hands and Face