Bumps of Edinburgh

From March to May 2015, there is something exciting happening here at The Edinburgh Casting Studio. We are launching a creative project involving Mums and Mums-to-be in Edinburgh, exploring pregnancies through Body Casting and interviews.

What makes Bumps of Edinburgh interesting?

The project will be all about pregnancy and the amazing strength of women who experience this totally unique time in their lives. At the end of every Bump Casting session, we will be holding short discussions with each Mum/Mum-to-be, to create an opportunity for women to share their experiences, opinions and thoughts of what it is like to be pregnant in Edinburgh.

These will be anonymous interviews and it is completely up to each Mum to share what they are comfortable with. We feel that it could be a wonderful archive of pregnancy, what being and becoming a mum means in Edinburgh, from the people who understand it best. We want this to tell the stories of the inspiring women of Edinburgh- whether joyous, humorous or challenging.

In return for your contribution to the project, you will have your own Bump Sculpture cast in Stone. Our Body Castings are the ‘High Detail’ variety, which means unlike DIY mod-roc Bumps, our sculptures capture perfect skin details and minute textures with incredible accuracy. Your Bump sculpture will also be finished, sealed and affixed with an internal chain suitable for wall-hanging. We really feel this project will provide something honest, insightful and beautiful, and could be really exciting for Edinburgh. Based on the overwhelming response so far, we think this project will be incredibly popular, so if you are interested please let us know as soon as possible.

We are no longer taking bookings for Bump Castings. If your family is expanding do take a look at our range of Home Casting Kits here.