​Hand Casting Competition Winners

Janine and Fraser were the lucky winners of our Valentine’s Day hand casting competition. When our couple came in for the hand hold casting, they had a long day of treats lined up, starting off with us at The Edinburgh Casting Studio, followed by coffee for two generously provided by Cairngorm Coffee

We took the opportunity for a quick mini-interview with the pair and made a short video of their final casting.


Congratulations on winning the competition! How did you and Fraser meet?

We went to school together, we both went to the same secondary school. We met in the first year of secondary school, though we haven’t been together the whole time. We’ve been together for about a year and a half.

Why did you choose to bring Fraser?

I thought it would be a nice memento to keep that you can look back on. I’m into photography, so naturally I’m all about documenting our lives- that’s what I say whenever I take a picture.

What was it about a hand casting that caught your eye?

Hands are like the windows to the soul. The act of the hand hold, even in photography it’s really significant, showing that you’re together- and together is stronger.

What do you usually do for Valentine’s Day?

We normally go on a day for the two of us. Cinema, ale tasting, dinner out, all kinds of things. Last year went up north for mum’s birthday in a little cottage in Braemar. It was snowing and we went skiing and all sorts, it was lovely. We had to discretely exchange cards.

If you could have any other body casting what would it be?

J: I think I’d like my boobs cast, I mean, if I’m going to have children, they’re not going to stay the same way they are. It’s not for everyone to see, but something I’d like to have.

F: I’d like my torso done. Maybe my back, as a whole piece would look really nice.

J: Yeah that would come a close second, neck down to upper thigh, that’s just a classic. If you got that, it would be really impressive.