Family Casting Kit: For 3-4 Hands

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"Family, where life begins and love never ends"

  • Perfect for: Families of 3 or 4
    • 3 People: Up to 3 Adults.       Children Aged 4+
    • 4 People: Max 2 Adults.       Children Aged 4-12
  • Quick: Takes 2 minutes to cast
  • Easy to Use: Includes a 12 page full colour instructions booklet with illustrations and photos

Create a family heirloom! Be together always with a luxury 13 item casting gift kit. Great fun for the kids and parents love how quick it is!

What's in the kit

  • Illustrated Step by Step Instructions Booklet*
  • The Edinburgh Casting Studio's Special Recipe Moulding Alginate
  • High Strength Stone Casting Powder
  • Casting Container (Reusable)
  • Wooden Cleaning Tool
  • Latex-Free Protective Gloves
  • Sealing Mix
  • Paintbrush

What's else you'll need

  • Electric Hand Mixer
  • Bowls/Measuring Jugs
  • Baby Oil
  • Recommended: Thermometer

'A Recipe Like No Other'

  • Create a beautiful sculpture to preserve your family bond forever 
  • The kit includes The Edinburgh Casting Studio's tried and tested ingredients plus our own very special casting recipe
  • Captures great skin detail and even jewellery!
  • Step by step guide helps to make it a simple and enjoyable process
  • Non-toxic and skin-safe materials
  • You will receive a free downloadable gift printout for that last-minute gift!

*Guidebook and all other printed materials available in English only.


Reviews (29)

Jessica 23rd Jul 2020

So cool!

Bought as a gift for my Mum and planned to get all the grandkids in with her. I knew it would be tough with two particular smallies, so I saw a video of doing a cast with a few people, then having other people hold that cast to make another mold. Thought it was a great idea! So had my mum with two little ones first and found a narrower plastic bucket to do the job. We had a no thermometer with us, so there was a bit of argument as to what 21° was. I am so glad we divided the mixture in two, because the mold was setting while I was mixing it! So definitely recommend starting with COLD WATER if you are unsure of temperature. So that mixture was dumped and we started round two with cold water. Used the same narrow bucket of ours since we had less mixture. It was a tight squeeze with mum and 4 grandkids, aged 9 months, 3, 5 and 7. We just got them to shove their hands in any way they could. The 3 year old was squealing, but we made an exciting game of counting up to 100, which continued on to about 120 seconds. What can I say.. AMAZING! We are so pleased with how it turned out. With our own mistakes I honestly thought it was going to be a disaster, but no! Captured so much beautiful detail. My mum is going to treasure forever. Tip: use a sewing needle to pluck out alginate in tight crevices. Have 4 friends expecting babies soon and will be buying casts for all of them!

radhika nair 31st May 2020

Memories captured and such a easy to use kit

I bought two kits back in 2017. I used one kit to cast 4 adult hands to celebrate my mum's 60th birthday. And I used the second kit with my family of two adults and two children. The kit is easy to use but one needs to read the instructions carefully to ensure no important step is missed out. Couple of pointers for others if that helps you- there will be some mess on the floor or working table but no big damage at all. So cover up your surface area properly. All meds is easily wiped off later.

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