How to make a Candle Holder

You can make a beautiful Family Candelabra at home.

Bring light to dark winter nights with a stunning family memento. It takes only minutes to make, but will bring warmth and fond memories to your home for a lifetime. Perfect for the family that has everything (each other!).

Using the Family Casting Kit from you’ll have all of the materials needed to make a high quality Hand Casting.

1: Choose who you want to include in your casting (up to 4 adults for this style). Sisters, Brothers, parents and Grandparents can get involved. Will you pick several generations? Every hand tells a story, so choosing members of the family with rings, or elderly hands makes your casting extra special.

2: Find a ‘candle holder’. This can be a honey or jam jar, or if you’d like to include flowers when the spring comes, choose a tall drinking glass to turn your candle holder into a Vase

3: Open up the Family Casting Kit, make a cup of tea and enjoy reading through the 12 page Illustrated guidebook. The casting experts at The Edinburgh Casting Studio wrote the instructions based on their years of casting experience. You’re in safe hands!

4: Practise your position so your casting not only makes a great Candelabra, but also so it looks beautiful. The magic of casting is that it captures a moment in time, so whatever your family’s hands look like when they are cast, that’s how they will look for years to come. It’s like taking a photograph that you can touch.

5: Get Casting! For full instructions and highest quality materials, remember to choose The Edinburgh Casting Studio’s Family Casting Kit. Our kits get the very best results. You can see customer reviews and amazing home photos on our Facebook Page.

6: Once your casting is complete, find a candle to place in the holder. We think a Hand Casting candelabra would look stunning as a Table Centrepiece. If you use your kit before Christmas (early present anyone?), what a stunning decoration it would make for your Christmas table!

What would you include in your casting to give it an extra special touch? We’d love to hear your ideas!