Learning to Laugh Again

Lewis was only 2 years old when his brother, Cameron, was born sleeping. Lewis also has ADHD, Autism and Learning disabilities, making it even harder for his parents to explain where Cameron was, and why he wasn't going to be coming home with his mother from the hospital.

This is the second episode in a short documentary series, sharing stories and personal experiences via the art of Body Casting. Lewis' mother [featured] show us what the spirit of being a family as all about.

What is ADHD?

Lewis has ADHD - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Which is a group of behavioural symptoms and impulses, he finds is very difficult to sit still for any length of time and concentrate.

How does this affect your day to day lives?

He's is very active always on the go from the minute he gets up until he (finally) falls asleep.

Things we take for granted like sitting watching a movie he can't do, his wee brain is working overtime so as soon as movie starts he's already looking and thinking what he can do next.

Lewis is distracted very easily too, you could ask him to do something and then he wouldn't remember what you have ask him to do! He'll start one thing then literally 20 seconds later he's onto the next.

How did you feel when Lewis was diagnosed?

I cried about the "normal life" he wouldn't lead

We have always known that Lewis had learning disabilities however once we were officially told his "diagnosis" I cried. I cried not because it was happening to us, I cried because of the "official label" my son had been given.

I cried about the "normal life" he wouldn't lead, he will always need supervision, never going out on his own after school with his mates, going to the football, normal day to day things we all take for granted.

How have things changed since then?

People say 'oh if you had a magic wand...' but we wouldn't change one thing about Lewis.

As he's getting older and hormones are developing, Lewis' behaviours and needs are changing. He's more inquisitive, more impulsive, and more challenging sometimes!

We wouldn't change one thing about Lewis. People say 'oh if you had a magic wand.' but no: Lewis' disabilities are what makes our boy our boy and we wouldn't change him for the world.